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Session 1

The Next Generation of Analytical Tools for Buried Infrastructure Asset Management — Annie Vanrenterghem
Raven, PhD
Analytical Tools- Chart — Annie Vanrenterghem Raven, PhD

BWSC’s Sewer Condition Assessment Program — Jacob Peck, Asset Management Practice Lead, Wade Trim; Joe Purtell, Director, Software, CUES

Benchmarking/Cost Savings Justified by Asset Management — Scott Haskins, Director of Strategic Consulting, CH2M; Craig Edlund, Asset Management Director, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services

Session 2

Asset Failure Risk & Condition Data — John Rogers, Department of Public Works, Town of Framingham, Mass

Acoustic Condition Assessment Technology for Pipe Rehabilitation — Tim Filasky, P.E., Acting Public Works Director, City of Newark, Del.

Data Management from Water Utility Perspective — Jim Pescatore, Senior Project Manager, CDM Smith; Charlie Jewell, Director of Planning, Boston Water & Sewer Commission

Using Historical Data for Asset Management Decision Making — Craig Knox, Industry Solutions Executive, Enterprise Asset Management-Utilities, ABB

Asset Management Success Stories: A Small-Town Water Department’s Road to a Risk Based Asset Management Plan — Corey Godfrey, Environmental Analyst, Littleton Water Department; Daniel Roop, Project Engineer, Tighe
& Bond

The Digital Transformation of the Water Sector — Gigi Karmous-Edwards, Digital Business Consultant, Amane Advisors

Session 3

Auditing and Data Management — Chris Leauber, Executive Director, Water & Wastewater Authority of Wilson County, Tenn.

Business Case for Water Loss Control — Russ Titus, Operations Superintendent for NRW, NJ American Water

Advanced Leak Detection Technology Utilizing Satellite Imagery — Paul Schumi, National Sales Manager,
Hydromax USA

Optimizing Meter Management and Replacement — Brandon Buckner, Meter Services Division Manager, City of Asheville, N.C.

Leveraging AMI Data to Support Leakage Management — Jim Walsh, Sales Director & Water Sales Team
Lead, Aclara

Session 4

Asset Management Plans (AMPs) and Results for Funding/Appropriations – North Carolina’s Statewide Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Master Plan – The Road to Viability — Kim Colson, Division Director, North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure; Francine Durso, Senior Project Manager, North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure

Making Asset Management Operational – Bringing All the Pieces Together — Justin Kauffman, Director of Asset Management and Field Services, Aqua America

Keynote Speakers

Reception Keynote Speaker  Fred Laskey, Executive Director, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Lunch Keynote Speaker — Convergence of Water and Data Launches Wave of New Opportunities and Solutions” – Reese Tisdale, President, Bluefield Research